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About the project:

The MoreMilkiT project aims to achieve inclusive growth and reduced poverty and vulnerability among people with dairy- dependent livelihoods in selected rural areas in Tanzania. The project is primarily targeted at pre-commercial marginalized smallholder cattle-keeping men and women who do not currently participate fully in dairy value chains.
This is a 'workspace' for people working in the project.

The project's goal is for an inclusive and reduced poverty and vulnerability among dairy-dependent livelihoods in selected rural areas in Tanzania.

Rural poor are more income secure through enhanced access to demand-led dairy market business services and viable organizational options

These aims are to be achieved through the 'four-year project' with research-for-development objectives to:
  • Develop scalable value chains approaches with improved organization and institutions serving resource-poor male- and female smallholder dairy households;
  • Generate and communicate evidence on business and organizational options for increasing participation of resource-poor-male and female-headed households in dairy value chains;
  • Inform policy on appropriate role for pro-poor smallholder-based informal sector value chains in dairy sector development.

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Other projects and activities contributing to the Tanzania dairy value chain include MilkIT and Safe Food Fair Food

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Amos Omore, ILRI; Email: a.omore (at) cgiar.org