Day 1:
Reflect on the implementation of the MoreMilkiT project in Tanga and Morogoro, two contrasting regions where dairy farming is underdeveloped in spite of the potential. Two districts in each of the regions constitute the project sites: Kilosa andMvomero in Morogoro and Handeni and Lushoto in Tanga. The inaugural Steering Committee, which represents the project’s stakeholders, would be apprised of the current status of the project. The committee is comprised of districts officials and representatives from Tanga and Morogoro. The Committee is to meet twice a year.
Day 2:
Visit to project sites/farmer groups to see what the project is doing and trying to accomplish.
Day 3:
Highlight of what the project is accomplishing and planning the way forward regarding project implementation.

Group Exercise

Participants reflected on what they wanted to achieve from the meeting, and each participant indicated what they would contribute individually to the success of the meeting
participants contribution to the workshop.JPG