Feedback from Steering Committee

Following the presentation made to the Committee, the following were highlighted:
  1. The idea of having a Committee steer the project has been well-received. However, to make the Committee more effective, there is need to involve more people, especially those on the ground. Thus Livestock Development Officers assisting the DEDs ought to be invited to SC meetings as well as annual planning meetings.
  2. The DDF has been presented to the Committee; it is a forum guided by an advisory committee at TDB.

Remark from the IFAD Steering Committee Representative:
A program using the hub concept is being developed in Rwanda. MoreMilKiT provides a learning opportunity for the Rwanda project.

Remark from RAS, Morogoro – Elia Ntandu:
Thanked all partners for their contribution to the project.

Remark from RAS, Tanga – Salum Mohammed Chima:
Thanked partners for their contribution to the project, recognizing the importance of dairy in nutrition and poverty eradication. He, however, noted the contradiction in the Masatu farmers’ understanding of the project, i.e., their obligations and the responsibilities of the implementing organizations. He advised that technical staff should closely interact with farmers to help them get a better understanding of the project and what they need to do in terms of resource mobilization. The challenge is to get the groups to contribute their own resources before funders provide logistical support. This is important for ensuring sustainability.