Planning for 2014
Based on what we’ve seen and heard, can we develop a plan for 2014? It is important to agree on site/village-specific work plans. How can we best support village-specific work plans?
Why site-specific plans? Because the sites are different, i.e., farmers/farmer groups are at different stages of group formation and as such, support has to be targeted to site-specific issues. Once developed, the site-specific plans will determine the roles and responsibilities of the different organizations implementing the project.

Steps in developing a site-specific work plan
i. Review village reports of activities undertaken thus far: Baseline report, reports of SFFF, TDB, wiki)
ii. Create a brief/checklist/template for key information on each village (by March 26) [Edgar, James, Brigitte, Julius]
iii. Populate the template (by April 15) [Salim, Fred, Adolf, Edgar, Emmanuel, Agnes]
iv. Draft plan by site (deskwork)(end April 30) [Heifer, FD, Salim]
v. Validate the plan [Heifer and FM; Salim to provide backstopping support; Heifer and FM to provide names of people in charge of each district]
Need for evaluation criteria
An example of a work plan for village X**
Village input
By whom?
Group registration
End of May

Needs assessment
End of June

vi. Finalize site-specific plans(by May 21) [Heifer and FM supported by Salim and Edgar]
vii. Organization-specific plan based on site-specific plans (by May 31)
* Specify activities (for site-specific plans) that could be implemented by the end of 2015.
How can we (partners) improve communication among ourselves?
Wiki: a website accessible to anyone, but one needs to be a member to upload information. Amos and Brigitte demonstrated how to access the MoreMilkiT wiki.
Monthly Skype meeting: Partners to update one another, via Skype conferencing, on what is going on. The conveners and list of people in each organization that would attend the meetings are as follows:
Key conveners: Amos and Edgar
ILRI: Amos, Salim, Edgar, James, Alessandra, Isabelle, Silvia
CIAT: Brigitte
Heifer: Agnes
TDB: Deogratius, Lusato
SNV: Maria
FaidaMali: Nisefori
When: Every Thursday of every first week of the month
Time: at 11:00 am
Duration: 1 hour
To be setup by end of next week