What has worked?
  • Groups well-established
  • Maziwa Zaidi slogan well-known
  • IP members aware of their needs
  • Women participation is noticeable
  • Strong links among implementing partners
  • Group members well-engaged
Project Progress what was observed.JPG

What can we improve?

  • Farmers awareness of project objectives, especially in Masatu village
  • Farmer’s understanding of the difference between and innovation platform (IP) and farmer group
  • Farmers’ understand of the relationship between the different projects and the Maziwa Zaidi concept
  • Access to milk markets and sources of input supply
  • Farmers’ exposure to business innovations and husbandry practices through exchange visits
  • Functioning of IPs by facilitating their establishment at a higher level (district rather than village level)

Project Progress_What needs to be improved.JPG
What has been missed in implementing the project?
  • Involvement of other value chain actors
  • Understanding the relationship between Tanga Dairy Cooperative Union (TDCU), a secondary cooperative, and the 3 primary cooperatives in Tanga district, and the implications of the relationship for the project
  • Developing the capacity of farmers with respect to animal husbandry
  • Farmers’ expectation that project funders are responsible for providing the necessary project inputs, i.e., ideas and logistics
  • Adapting some of the potential solutions to farmers’ needs
  • Emphasizing skills on group dynamics
  • Emphasizing the difference between IPs and farmer groups