MoreMilkIT Skype Call Meetings on Piloting of Interventions
1st Skype call meeting – 10 April 14, 11:00-12:00 EAT

Present: Salim Werner, Edgar Twine,Lusato Kurwijila, Amos Omore, Isabelle Baltenweck, James Rao, Tom Sillayo, Julius Githinji, Alessandra Galie

Steps in developing a site-specific work plan
i. Review village reports of activities undertaken thus far: Baseline report, reports of SFFF, TDB, wiki)
ii. Create a brief/checklist/template for key information on each village (by March 26) [Edgar, James, Brigitte, Julius]
iii. Populate the template (by April 15) [Salim, Fred, Adolf, Edgar, Emmanuel, Agnes]
iv. Draft plan by site (deskwork)(end April 30) [Heifer, FD, Salim]
v. Validate the plan [Heifer and FM; Salim to provide backstopping support; Heifer and FM to provide names of people in charge of each district]

1. Template
Edgar: making final touches of the template. By the end of today they will send out a final version.
Then we all look at it so that we can forward to partners.
By the end of the week we would like to get it back
Isabelle: make sure Silvia Alonso can give her feedback and integrate their plans . Also, this is a living document and we will keep working on it. By April 15th we do not need to have all the info in there.
Emmanuel of HPI is in Morogoro today, they already send feedback but they might meet and also finalize today

2. Plan by site
The template developed by Edgar will be sued for a site-specific workplan for the next 2 years. By end of April we need the rough plan. Is the deadline ok, still? Yes!

3. Validate the plan: can we have a date?
Isabelle: I also think we agreed we would validate in the village. We make a plan in the office for each village and then we would go to the village to talk to people and validate the plan. We also need consistency in the way we develop the plans
Salim: can we combine the validation with the partners plan?
Amos/Isabelle: The site-specific plan needs to validate the partners plans! The site specific plan comes first, and is urgent because it will tell us where and what acts we need to focus on for each site.
Amos will engage Agnes/HPI to make sure we are on the same page.
Tom: Heifer and Faida Mali worked on a plan together. They will meet to discuss communication with farmers groups and providers etc. We need to sit down and exchange ideas so that when we go to the field we can be sure of what we want to accomplish.
The site specific plan will make us a team and improve our collaboration
Edgar and Salim want to meet with Faida Mali and Heifer so that when they have the site specific plan – they can go out there, verify the plans and coordinate activity implementation
Amos: During validation, the teams meet in the villages and agree on how to compliment activities. Tom, do you need to meet beforehand? Yes, it would be better.
Isabelle: why don’t you guys do a validation in a village together to see what approach to follow to make sure they are aligned? Tom: yes, we agreed with heifer and Faida Mali so synchronize the approach so that we go as a team.
Also, Faida Mali and Heifer and others responsible will meet in Lushoto and have 3 days of synchronizing the approach that people can then implement in the field.
Amos: what date can we agree on? 22-24th April. Isabelle: We should not start too late because the template is almost done anyway.
Rough agenda for 22-24 April:
Day 1: agree on how to do it
Day 2: go to the field to do it
Day 3: recap
Please, communicate these dates to Heifer
We then need timelines on when specific activities will take place

4. Contact person for each site so that we know who is the contact point and takes responsibilities
Salim: Heifer sent the names of those responsible at district level. Therefore we can use the info in the template and add to it.
Isabelle: how we work as different partners: if any organization has doubts on how to proceed, then they can contact Isabelle and she is happy to clarify.
Amos will discuss with Agnes first to clarify the relationship between Heifer’s workplan and site specific plans, which coming first) and then the rest of the team can support. He will do it when the notes and the template are circulated.
Kurwijila: we need to communicate to district people of our plans.

Main point of agreement today:
1) we will develop site-specific plan and this will dictate the plans for each organization.
2) Once the template is finalized we will validate it and agree on complementary roles during validation field visits, 22-24 April.

Next meeting: 1st Thursday of month: 8th May